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Chinese Eye Exercises – 5 Effective Ways to Reduce Eye Strain

For centuries the Chinese have been world renown for their holistic brand of medicine. Their Eastern approach to medicine addresses the underlying causes of our health problems with an emphasis on improving overall health. Whether we are talking about message techniques, herbal medicine or acupressure, they have also developed specific eye exercises that reduce eye strain. At a time when the use of technology has skyrocketed, placing added stress and strain on our eyes, these stress relieving techniques can be highly beneficial in alleviating vision problems. Here are 5 Chinese eye exercises that show you how to prevent eye strain.

1. Chinese Eye Message: to perform this technique, place your 2 middle fingers against your temples and then proceed to message that area for a period of two minutes. Vary the nature of the message. For example, start with a circular message that is performed in a clockwise motion then, change the message to a counter-clockwise direction. Make sure that the message is gentle and be sensitive to yourself. Here are some additional ways to reduce eye strain:

2. Chinese Acupressure Mix: with this technique you’ll need to apply a gentle message to the bony area below the lower eye sockets. Using both index fingers, gently stimulate that area in a circular motion. Be very careful not to apply too much pressure as this area is very sensitive. Begin by messaging the lower eye lids then, perform the same circular message to the bony area right above your upper eyelids. Then, locate the area around the bridge of your nose, and using your thumb, and your first two fingers, message the bridge of your nose. Perform this technique for a couple minutes.

3. Chinese Facial Exercise: if you are suffering from strained eyes try this technique. Close your eyes. Find the exact area where your eyeball adjoins the upper part of your eye socket. Then, using both thumbs, gently stimulate that area. Locate the area where your hairline meets your forehead and lightly stroke that area with your finger tips. Repeat 1 set for 10 repetitions.

4. Occipital Message: press your thumbs behind your ears and message that region in an up and down motion. Then, Locate the Occipital region: This is the area where the bottom of the skull meets the top of your neck. Message that entire region for a few minutes.

5. Chinese Acupuncture Message: using your right thumb, press it into the point between your left thumb and your forefinger, approximately 2 inches in. Repeat 1 set for 10 repetitions.

The following messages and acupressure techniques offer a wide range of benefits. In Addition to relieving eye strain, such exercises increase circulation to the eyes; one of the critical factors that contribute to eye health. They also result in an improvement of your natural vision.

Here are a few important points to bear in mind when performing these techniques: For maximum benefits, do these routines at least twice daily. Always message or apply acupressure points to both eyes, temples or spots behind the head. When you have completed the routine, practice a relaxation technique that involves focusing on a distant object 10 feet away for 10 minutes. This helps to relax the eyes and relieve any additional tension in the eye muscles.

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